Different Ways to Organize a Bookshelf

Image Source: The Good Book Company

There are many ways one might organize their bookshelf. You can choose to sort it in many ways: alphabetically (by author or title), by genre, by the order in which you read it, by color, etc. It’s fun to see how everyone does it differently, and how often they change it. 

I like to organize my books by genre, and at one point I also had a shelf solely based on books I hadn’t read before. That dreaded TBR pile was so big that all those books fit in their own section (I’ve been narrowing it down slowly). 

The option I’ve never done that I mentioned above is the rainbow option. Some people’s shelves look awesome, but I’ve never had enough books to be able to pull it off. Then again, it can be only one section around the house that has a touch of rainbow, and therefore doesn’t need to be as extensive. 

After writing this, all I want to do is reorganize my bookshelves. Does anyone else feel the same?