Derry Girls

Image Source: FANDOM

Two years ago, I was scrolling through Netflix when I stumbled upon Derry Girls. After viewing a trailer for the series, I decided to watch the first episode to see how I felt about it. I was immediately hooked. I consumed all six episodes of the first season as soon as possible, before impatiently waiting a year for the second season to be released. Once the second season made its way onto Netflix, I binged those six episodes in one sitting.  

Derry Girls, for those who don’t know, is a teen sitcom set in Northern Ireland during the ‘90s. It follows five high schoolers as they navigate life while attending a Catholic, all-girls school. Each of the twelve episodes are comprised of a cast of lovable characters, hijinks, a multitude of hilarious moments, and funny, unexpected twists. 

Since first watching the show, I have rewatched both seasons multiple times. After my most recent rewatch, I started to view the friendship dynamic between these five main characters in a different light than I had in the past. Every time I have seen this show, I’ve enjoyed how much these teens care for each other, and the adventures they have. However, this rewatch was distinct from the rest, as I found parallels between my own relationships with my two hometown best friends and this group.  

My two best friends and I, especially during our senior year of high school, went on weekly to biweekly escapades around town that would last all day and night. The three of us would get into wild situations before finding our way out, situations that we laugh about now. Just like the Derry girls, both have been there for me during hard times. The three of us are an unbreakable unit. 

Of course, I love and appreciate my best friends, but sometimes I take their friendship and our experiences for granted. Because we attend college in completely different states and time zones, all of us are busy with various tasks. We don’t have the chance to communicate with each other every day. The solid friendship in Derry Girls has helped me better appreciate them and all that we have done together. 

As I continue to wait for the third and final season to be filmed before it eventually comes to Netflix, I count down the days until Thanksgiving break, when I will go home and see them for the first time in four months. I can’t wait!