“Dead To Me” Deserves the Top Spot in Your Watchlist

Showcasing the upturned life of an angry widow, Netflix’s series Dead to Me earns five stars for being extremely bingeable. This show starts off when hot-tempered Jen, who just lost her husband in a hit and run, meets eccentric and bubbly Judy at a grief support group. These two polar opposites become fast friends. Their witty banter and late night adventures leave the viewer rooting for these two women. However, the show starts to take off when Jen actively starts looking for the killer of her late husband. 

Each episode is flowing with humor that is seasoned with just the right amount of cynicism. Jen’s sardonic approach to life cannot juxtapose Judy’s optimism more. This humor is balanced perfectly with the eerie element of the plot. Although the series is a comedy, it has wonderful details of suspense as well. Some plot points might be predictable but the audience is guaranteed to be entertained the whole way through.

For these reasons alone, Dead to Me should crawl its way to the top of everyone’s watch list. So, get yourself a box of Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies and let the watching begin!