De-Stress Through Reading

School can be rough sometimes, no one can deny that. However, it isn’t the center of your life and you should always make time to de-stress. You cannot expect to work non-stop, so instead of pushing through all of your homework at once, take breaks in between to relax. As a reader, here are some of my favorites things to do in between work:

  1. Read a few chapters of whatever book you are currently reading. It is so relaxing to be able to escape into another world for a few minutes and let myself forget about everything else. It is a nice palette cleanser to refocus yourself and allow you to absolutely crush your schoolwork.
  2. Read fanfiction. There is no shame in what you like reading, and sometimes it is really nice to find a simple fanfic to take your mind off of things for a few minutes, and continue exploring a favorite story. There are thousands out there, so you should be able to find whatever you are interested in.
  3. Read an old favorite. As much as I like discovering new books, I will always make time to revisit my favorites. When I am especially stressed, it is very nice to go back to the good old days and dive into one of my favorite fictional worlds.

Everyone deserves some me-time. Don’t feel guilty about stepping away from your work for a moment or two. You will get everything done eventually. Trust yourself and listen to what you need. If your homework is exceptionally difficult and you are growing frustrated, chances are you just need to take a break. Take that break and do something you enjoy.