Image Source: Google Play

I am not someone who grew up with video games, nor do I regularly play them. I generally gravitate towards other entertainment mediums, such as books and tv shows. But despite my indifference towards most video games, I decided to give Dadish a try. One of my best friends had recommended it to me, and I absolutely fell in love with this adorable mobile game.  

Dadish is a family-friendly 2D platformer adventure game developed by Thomas Young that follows a radish. The radish is a dad (hence the title) who tries to find his radish children after they all escape one morning. This dad must go through different climates, obstacles, and fast-food-themed foes in order to reunite with his babies. There is a balance between the retro style this platformer pulls from and modern additions present due to the advancement of technology.  

This game has great graphics, funny dialogue, and levels with exciting challenges. Also, I became attached to the main character and rooted for him to reconnect with his family. This radish dad is so lovable, with his cute little bounces from platform to platform and his fatherly concerns. By the time I completed the game and saw the end credits displayed, I wanted to start over and play the levels again immediately.  

I will admit that the gameplay of Dadish is not revolutionary. However, this game’s standard gameplay supports its purpose which is to have fun and escape into a delightful, radish-fueled world. To add on, this concept is also present in the game’s sequel Dadish 2. Both games are available on the App Store and Google Play.  

If you’re looking for a fluffy video game that will take your mind off the hecticness of life, then I highly recommend Dadish. It does not matter if you’re a video game pro or someone like me, who casually dabbles in this type of media; Dadish is for everyone.