Creating a Study Space

Image Source: Pixabay

Now that school has started, you may have found that your work space needs a minor makeover. When redesigning a study space, first investigate how you study best, what you need to need to succeed, and what you have available. After this important reflection, consider these tips: 

  1. Never underestimate a good source of light. Natural sunlight is always best, but of course, it is not always consistent. In this case, try to find a direct source of light that is easy on your eyes, or create a balance using multiple, similar lights. You might need to try different positions with your light to find what works best for your eyes. 
  2. If you — whether through preference or necessity — need to move your study space around, consider having a box or bag which you can carry around to easily organize and move your supplies. This way, the whole world is open as a study space!
  3. Noise becoming a distraction? Invest in some earplugs, or use earphones to play background noise or to simply block out sounds.
  4. If you find that your available study space is in the kitchen, resist the temptation to become distracted with food by keeping water next to you. This will not only hedge off your cravings, but will also refresh your mind. 
  5. Wherever you are, make your study space conducive to your learning with personal touches. Do you study better while moving? Bring along a reliable fidget toy or tool. Do you study best when you feel connected to others? Consider setting up a permanent spot to Zoom friends and study buddies.  

Lastly, whatever your study space is, take care of it consistently. By putting positive energy and care into your study space, your environment will soon help you accomplish whatever you need to do!