Crafts for Quarantine

Image Source: DOLA

With quarantine, many of us have been forced to create new daily routines, and I’m sure they can get pretty repetitive. Because of this, we’ve all felt our fair share of boredom. Recently, I’ve come up with some new ideas that you can try when you feel like there’s nothing left to do. 

First, knitting is a good skill to learn during this time. Knit a scarf, a blanket, or gloves; be creative and add some shapes or designs to your pieces. Along those lines, I’ve also wanted to try embroidering a shirt. Grab a t-shirt you don’t often wear and create interesting and cute designs to make something plain newer and more exciting. 

Another idea is painting with numbers. Purchase your design from Amazon, which comes with brushes and paint, and create a masterpiece! I recommend doing this if you want to take up more time or if you like art, as it’s also more fulfilling than the coloring apps we could have on our phones. 

Lastly, it’s fun to learn origami. It’s simple and you can go further than just creating a crane and fill your shelves with all kinds of animals and shapes. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and that this article has inspired you to try different activities!