Crack Open a Book During Spring Break

Image Source: Goodreads

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to resting and relaxing during my spring break. Stepping away from my computer screen, class schedules, and late nights is a very exciting concept and one that leaves me so lots of free time. Ever since the start of my first midterm, I’ve daydreamed of the books I’ll read during my week off, using my “To Be Read” list as a dangling carrot to get me through the week. 

First on my list is Graceling by Kristin Cashore, an old favorite of mine from eighth grade. After a random memory a couple of weeks ago that prompted my roommate and me to track it down at the library, we successfully checked out the book and got to hold it in our hands for the first time in about eight years. It still seems as exciting to me as it did when I first checked it out, following Katsa, a young woman with a gift for killing. She is one of a rare group of people in her world with two different colored eyes which makes her a Graceling, someone born with a certain grace or skill. Determined to understand herself and control her skill, Katsa partners with allies and other Gracelings to work for the kingdom’s good. There is romance, action, and secrets— the perfect ingredients to an exciting YA fantasy. There are companion books that follow this one that I am now considering adding to my TBR! 

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The next book I can’t wait to read is The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwartz. Thanks to BookTok, the literary side of Tik Tok, this novel has been seeing a lot of positive attention, and all of it is well deserved. Friends of mine have given this book glowing reviews and told me to prepare with a pack of tissues— and I do love a good bookish cry. The story follows twenty-three-year-old Addie LaRue and her immortal life as she is burdened by a terrible curse that makes her eternally forgettable. Though I have only just begun to read it, I have a feeling that I really will need those tissues. 

I hope you use your time to escape the world of technology to delve into another one enclosed in paper. What book do you want to read that you’ve been putting off?