Could Endgame Win Anything?


Avengers: Endgame made it and became the highest-grossing film of all time. This is after ten years of groundbreaking storytelling done by Marvel, that all began with not knowing if they could even make it in the film industry. It was a huge risk and ultimately, it paid off, garnering millions of fans internationally.

Something of that scale, that risk-taking, and the effort of all those years of someone piecing twenty movies into one story should be recognized…or at least one would think. Marvel has won a few awards here and there over the years, but nothing monumental. Many of the awards have been Choice awards, all dictated by online voters.

So could the Academy finally recognize a comic book movie as something revolutionary and influenced film for years to come? Probably not.

Black Panther was nominated for best picture last year, of course, but it didn’t win, and I knew from the beginning that it couldn’t win. Despite the nomination, it was still a comic book movie, and therefore could not be taken seriously by the Academy.

In the Marvel community, or at least the part of the community I’m aware of, there has even been talk of Robert Downey Jr. getting an Oscar for his performance in Endgame. As much as I may talk about it with my friends, I don’t truly believe it will happen. Downey’s acting was incredible, but even a comic movie role with such heart and emotion in it won’t get it an Oscar for Downey, or any of the other incredible actors in the movie.

Comic book movies are still viewed as something that cannot be taken seriously by those making the decisions on who wins. It’s unfortunate, irritating, and unfair, but a sad fact that Marvel’s ten years of expansive, trailblazing storytelling will probably go without a big name award or vindication for their writers, actors, directors, and so many others who made these movies come to be.

If I am wrong, and Endgame does end up winning an award, a Best Actor or Writing award, then Hollywood will have truly shaken the expectations of a large group of starry-eyed fans, who just want the franchise that brought them so much joy to be given just a glimmer of a reward.