Conquering Senior Year Stress Free

Image Source: Cate Burgan

Starting school back up is always accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions: excitement, stress, ambition, and most of all, senioritis. As seniors close in on their last year of high school it is easy to feel eager to leave but simultaneously scared to start a new life alone. As they begin to balance college applications, school work, and extracurriculars it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Stress can be avoided for high schoolers as long as they stay organized and remember to stay on top of their work.

Staying organized can be as simple as keeping a list, a planner, or even a neat place for notes. As a busy student, having a clean and well put together workspace is essential to know exactly where everything is and how to access it. Loads of homework, after school jobs, and being involved in clubs and sports can result in an overload of activities. Why sacrifice all of this when keeping a planner is a simple way to refresh the memory? Jot down due dates, times, and meetings to stay on track. Organization is key to having a successful, stress free school year.

Senior year is the time to build college resumes full of community service and career experience. Getting school work done well ahead of time is pertinent to be on the right path to graduate. While staying organized during the school year is the greatest way to rid of stress, there are other tactics that can be taken at home.

Reliving the heavy stress that follows school can be hard to shake. Setting aside “me time” on a weekly basis is crucial to invite in relaxation and deteriorate tension. During this time, do all that is enjoyable and distracting from the frustration enigma that surrounds work.

Through the stress, senioritis, and craziness from day to day, don’t forget to enjoy senior year! It is nearing the end of ruthless, high school fun, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted.