Concealer For Summer

Jillian Murray

Makeup is something that should be affordable, fun, and clean. For me, I have always tried to find the ultimate best products for less. Through trials and errors, breakouts and all, I can genuinely say that I have found the almighty solution for the perfect concealer.

L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear concealer is it! For about two months I have been wearing the foundation that goes hand in hand with this cover-up. I cannot say enough great things about it and I have even referred my friends to try it out. Each of them is obsessed due to its lightweight and air-like feeling it gives your skin.

But now, I was ready to try to concealer because I wanted to match it perfectly to my foundation. This product is “more than a concealer,” as it says on the bottle. It is also only 10 dollars, which is most definitely a perk! There is no fragrance, so anyone with sensitive skin would love this concealer.

For those with dry skin, I highly recommend this product due to its formula and ingredients that provide a sheer hydrating glow. There are over 15 different shades for this line, which is absolutely amazing. You will never feel as though that there is no shade directed for your tone or texture. For me personally, I am shade “Latte 375.” I am fair, but I can get pretty tan when in the sun.

Overall, I think that this product has changed the makeup game big time. I just recently saw the commercial for it and it is so colorful, happy, and genuine. I cannot say enough great things about L’Oreal Infallible Full Wear Concealer. It is truly happiness in a bottle!