Companies Doing Their Part

A lot of companies have taken this hard time as an opportunity to show their dedication to our global community and are substituting profit for philanthropy as their priority.

Ralph Lauren, an American fashion company that sells a range of products from clothing to accessories and fragrance, is doing a couple of things to offer help during this time.

Photo from Ralph Lauren

First, they have created an easy avenue for people to seamlessly donate varying amounts of money to the Solidarity Response Fund. This fund aids in the global effort supporting countries to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.

They have also posted very publicly on their website that they are committing 10 million dollars to help their teams and communities around the world. Not only are they committing this to the local community or front line responders, but they have explicitly referenced how they are going to help their employees. By providing financial grants to those employees facing special challenging circumstances, they are able to do their part both internally and globally which is so amazing during this time.

Photo from Kiehl’s

Kielh’s, an American cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in skin, hair, and body care products, is headquartered in New York. Since New York has been hit particularly hard by the disease, their connection to this pandemic is particular.

Over the 100+ years that Kiehl’s has been operating, it has prioritized the act of giving back through donation or philanthropy. They have partnered with Feeding America for the last six years and their website specifically encourages donation towards Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

The Kielh’s website has a direct link and an outlined description of exactly what their donations are going towards: the production of emergency food boxes to be distributed to heavily impacted areas, feeding children who rely on free or reduced lunch while they are out of school, and communities in need due to business closures and layoffs.

It is truly uplifting to see the global support generated to combat hardships faced during these unprecedented times. Companies like these are making a difference.