Community Engagement

Image Source: Pixabay

One way to fight feelings of helplessness and foster a sense of community is to creatively find ways to volunteer. Times like these require ingenuity and resilience in supporting the wellbeing of both ourselves and others.

Think about the resources, knowledge, and skills you possess; how can these be used to fulfill a need? Or, if there is something that you wish existed, be the one to start it! In his interview with NPR, Eric Liz, the founder of Citizen University, discusses the “civic imagination” in finding ways to use one’s talents and time to respond to current needs. To see Liu’s interview, click here, and to see a list of veritable organizations currently responding to COVID-19 response, click here

While we cannot go out, people have found how to make an impact in the lives of others. Some people engage by contributing to supportive dialogue online; others, by waving to their neighbors across the street and delivering food to those who cannot leave their house. Some artists choose to share artwork to raise money for relief organizations. Many people in the crafting and sewing communities are sewing masks for themselves, family and friends instead of purchasing masks.

There are many ways to promote being socially conscious and empowering to each other; what skills or services can you provide to support our community?