Comedy During the Holiday Season

As the winter season is at its peak and the colder temperatures are creeping up, figuring out the best way to enjoy the holidays inside can be tricky. Comedy shows are a perfect indoor event for friends and family night out. As my friends and I were trying to find something indoors to do a few weekends ago, we found Irvine Improv Comedy Club and had the opportunity to watch stand-up comedian Ashely Gavin perform. Based out of New York City with thousands of followers all over social media, Gavin allowed my friends and me to enjoy a night out with lots of laughing and cheering. 

Improv Comedy Irvine is located at the Irvine Spectrum Center and has open shows every weekend. As someone who has seen comedy shows at Second City in Chicago and a few underground comedy shows in New York, Irvine Improv hosts comedians from all over the country, from Sara Silverman to Tiffany Haddish, with the best service in town. It has a full restaurant with full courses and desserts like molten lava cake and cheesecake. They even have a wide range of vegan options. You don’t have to know much about comedy or the comedian you are seeing. Just show up ready for an hour of pure laughter. Comedy shows are a great way to find new artists and follow their work. My friends and I didn’t know much about Gavin beforehand, but we were still able to enjoy the show, learn more about her after the show, and see what other material she works on, like her podcast that focuses on queer questions, stories, and experiences. 

Statistics show that comedy shows are beneficial in many ways, including relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, and building better relationships with the people you are with. Why not try something new and start the new year with a new weekend tradition!