Coastal Cowgirl: Coastal Granddaughter’s Southern Cousin?

In the early spring and summer of last year, the coastal grandmother and granddaughter aesthetics took the internet by storm. The trends play into a dreamy beach town vibe, meant to emulate the preppy, yet still relaxed, feel of an east coast summer. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Oversized button-down shirts take center stage alongside crewneck sweatshirts, knit sweaters, flowing skirts, and anything linen. These comfortable silhouettes are matched with a light and breezy color palette primarily featuring hues of blue, tan, and white, making it appear like you just came out of a day on the sand.

While the coastal granddaughter style remains classic and timeless, the trend has gotten a new makeover for the summer of 2023. The coastal cowgirl trend keeps the same beachy feel but combines it with pieces that take inspiration from a southern look. 

Image Source: Cowgirl Magazine

However, there is more than a little crossover between the two, with a similarly light color scheme and ease found in this summer’s looks. Additionally, those same big sweaters and button-downs from last year are now paired with denim and cowboy boots, leaving some of the more posh pieces behind in favor of a more rugged feel. 

By switching out your accessories and implementing a few new basics into your everyday wardrobe, you can easily make the shift from beach house to ranch hand.