Classic Movies to Watch During the Halloween Season

Hey everyone! I wanted to give a few movie recommendations now that the spooky season has finally arrived. This being one of my favorite holidays, I wanted to encourage everyone to plan some movie nights with family or friends. It’s the best way to cozy up by the fire, eat snacks, and enjoy the classics. 

First, I want to mention Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town, and Casper. These have been some of my favorite movies to watch when I’m in need of a break. The Nightmare Before Christmas is also perfect for getting into the holiday spirit. Plus why not watch it once in October and once in December? Perfect for multiple holidays! 

I also want to talk about some of the scarier classics. If you want to spend a night hiding behind pillows as you laugh with your friends be sure to check out A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Shining. And honestly, although the next two films are considered children movies, Coraline and Monster House have always given me the heebie-jeebies. 

I hope you all are excited for this upcoming season, I know I am! I also hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.