Citizens Of Chelsea: Food or Art?

Image Source: Autumn Schorr

Phones out, ladies! This hip Australian eatery located in the artsy neighborhood of Chelsea, Manhattan is one to please your eyes and your stomach.

Citizens of Chelsea produces the most stunning of dishes. When I went there, my table had ordered the prized avocado toast, bircher muesli, and farmer’s bowl. We all loved the sweet, chilled consistency of the raspberry and coconut infused bircher muesli. However, the fluffy chocolate pancakes looked like a winning pick for the tables surrounding us.

The restaurant’s vibe is very fast paced. The bubbly staff speed around the maze of tables getting orders out in record time! Don’t fear the wait time to get a table; regardless of the bustling brunch rush, our food was out in twenty minutes flat.

Plants hang from the ceilings and bright, vibrant colors dominate the walls and furniture. Instagram heaven. Next time you find yourself in New York City, take a little detour to an eccentric neighborhood on the West Side. Trendy brunch is a rite of passage on any trip to NYC. Make sure you do it here!

Image Source: Autumn Schorr