Christmas Tree in the Christmas Season

Image Source: Boogyeong Jung

What images do you picture when you think of Christmas? You can’t leave out dinner with your family, a romantic atmosphere, or decorating your Christmas tree. As shown above, Rockefeller Center in New York is eye-catching thanks to its glittering lights and huge tree. Many people feel the Christmas atmosphere here with various decorations on the streets. When the Christmas season approaches, we decorate trees at home using decorations such as light bulbs, dolls, and star-shaped ornaments. 

Then, why do we decorate Christmas trees? There are many stories about the origin of the Christmas tree. There are theories such as ancient Romans decorating their houses with evergreen branches to celebrate the winter solstice, or that theorigins are from a culture of worshiping Germanic or Viking saints, or that in the 16th century Martin Luther was impressed by the evergreen standing under the Starville.

 The Christmas tree decorations also have meanings:

🎄 An evergreen tree:

It is said that the fir tree is beautiful in shape and pointed as it goes up, giving the feeling of getting closer to God and that the leaves remained green even in winter, making it suitable for expressing reverence for God. 

🎄Light bulbs by color:

-White: Symbolic of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

-Red: Eve’s forbidden fruit and the blood of Jesus

🎄A candy cane: 

The white stripe of candy means pure Jesus, and the red stripe symbolizes the blood that Jesus shed. There is also a story that the curved shape of the candy is a J shape representing Jesus. 

🎄A pine cone:

The pine cone’s closed shape means secret and family unity. 


For Santa Claus, cookies are prepared on Christmas Eve with gratitude. The representative cookies of Christmas are ginger cookies, which are said to prevent children from catching a winter cold.

Christmas decorations are meaningful and can be fun to make and decorate together with your loved ones. The decorations’ various meanings should be valued and considered when decorating your tree. What kind of tree did you decorate this holiday?