Review: Child’s Play

Close your eyes and imagine this… it’s the year 1988 and you’ve been excited for the past few weeks after seeing the Child’s Play preview on your friend’s TV. You and your friend are only 13, yet eager to watch this r-rated movie about a killing doll. Voodoo? Killer Doll? Violence? You are living in the year of history being made. 

Okay, open your eyes. It’s 2019 and there is a Child’s Play film for the new generation. With this young generation comes new technology and animatronics, so what was once“cheesy and filled with poor special effects is now advanced. So it should be better, right? 

Image Source: INSIDER

The new Child’s Play wasn’t up to many avid horror movie watchers’ standards. However, as a fan of all movie genres and not a horror critic, I gave the movie a shot and really enjoyed it.

The storyline was changed to fit our generation’s need for electronics, which made it much more relatable. Child’s Play showed how kids could rely on technology to be a friend and how even in just one instant, everything can be taken for granted. 

I never realized how much the character Chucky could be adorable yet creepy at the same time. Although the film was cheesy and funny at times, it made it so much more comfortable to sit through a murder scene because of the light humor Chucky brought to the screen. 

Whether you love horror movies or are just a big fan of the doll himself, I would recommend watching Child’s Play. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a Good Guy doll.