Chic and Sleek: Styling Thigh High Boots

I believe self care should be a huge part of everyone’s life and sometimes, the most effective way to take care of yourself is simple and fun. When life gets too stressful and things continuously pile on top of each other and we forget what really matters to us, it is absolutely necessary to take a step back from the intensity and simply have fun with loved ones. Sometimes, when my friends and I are planning a hangout that is less casual than our usual get-togethers, I like to for a more chic look than what I may usually wear.

One of the most important aspects of fashion is wearing clothes that are comfortable but also fit the aesthetic that you wanted to go for. With a closet full of pieces you love, it is easy to feel confident and powerful. When I want to change up my look a little bit or if I feel particularly excited about a day, I love to lean toward a classier look.

This outfit is perfect for looking and feeling your best. The perfect combination of comfortable and classy, a simple black skirt is paired with a knit grey sweater with sheer patches on the shoulder. Some thigh high black boots complement this look perfectly! I love how the different fabrics and colors match, creating a really sleek look. I would wear this outfit to a fancy dinner or a fun night out with friends.

thigh high boots
Roxanne De Guzman

This outfit is really versatile because it can be easily changed according to the weather. Perfect for fall, this classy take is warm with the knight sweater but not suffocating because of the skirt. For warmer weather, the thigh high boots can be replaced with shorter booties and the sweater can be replaced with a t shirt or tank top of a similar material.

final outfit
Roxanne De Guzman