Review: Chambers

Image Source: Donor Alliance

As a city girl, I find the desert full of wonder and mystery. It’s scary knowing that there is this big open space filled with intrigue, and I have no idea who would want to live in the middle of it. It’s not hard to imagine my immediate attraction to one of Netflix’s newest series, Chambers. It takes place in Arizona and revolves around a girl named Sasha, who on a very dark and stormy night has a heart complication that ultimately leads to a necessary transplant. Luckily, a girl her age has an untimely death and is able to pass on her very-much-alive heart onto Sasha. What are the odds?

Sasha lives, but with the great gift of life comes many aftereffects, including the deceased girl’s family’s attachment to Sasha, for they feel their daughter is alive within Sasha. Coincidence or not, Sasha getting the heart leads to many mysteries surrounding the death of the mystery heart donor, her family, a suspicious cult like community, Native American folklore and lots of secrets within these chambers.

I haven’t seen a show this mysterious since Stranger Things. Chambers had me at the edge of my bed, had me binge watching and most definitely had me wondering why anyone would want to live in a creepy desert. If you like suspense, cults, witchcraft and supernatural experiences, you should definitely watch Chambers. There are 10 episodes, one season (so far) and plenty of room for your interpretation and ideas.