Celebrity DIY Fashion

Have you ever looked at a celebrity’s outfit and thought it was absolutely gorgeous? Have you ever wished to have that same outfit, but immediately disregarded that thought because you did not have enough money for designer clothes? I am here to tell you that you can most definitely dress like a celebrity, without the celebrity money! 

The first celebrity that I have chosen is Kendall Jenner. In this picture she is wearing a black unitard with white shoes. This outfit is very simple but very chic at the same time. 

To recreate this look is simple. For the alternative to what Kendall is wearing, I have chosen a black Nike unitard. As it is already starting to heat up I have opted for one that has no sleeves in order to somewhat stay cool. 

Photo by Anica Armstrong

For the white shoes that she has on in this outfit, I have chosen white, low top Nike Air Forces. They go perfectly with the unitard and stay on theme with Nike. This outfit is super casual and sporty, but still fashionable. 

The next celebrity that I have chosen is Zendaya. Zendaya is well known for her style, so it is no surprise that I would want to mirror the outfits that she wears. 

In this photo she is wearing a gray dress with a light gray coat and black thigh high boots. She looks so effortless and stylish in the photo. 

In order to get this look I put together a tan coat, a black pleated dress, and black thigh high boots. This outfit is very high fashion and can fit in whether you are going to dinner or heading to work. 

Photo by Anica Armstrong

Recreating celebrity looks is so much easier than we think. Just because our clothes may not be designer does not mean that they won’t create an amazing outfit. We just need to know what items to match!