Celebrities And Style: What to Wear on the Red Carpet

Walking a red carpet isn’t as easy as just smiling toward the camera and striking a pose. Celebrities spend months attending outfit fittings and working with professionals to plan their hair, makeup, and accessories. Even after all this time and effort, fans are often left disappointed or conflicted about the look. So what makes a good red carpet outfit?

Source: CNN

#1 A Bold Choice 

With a sea of celebrities on the carpet, each look must make a statement. In most cases, the bolder, the better! Even though fans may still criticize the look, shocking the audience with an out-of-the-box choice is better than putting them to sleep. A stylist’s nightmare is to have two celebrities wearing similar looks on the carpet; being basic is not an option!

Source: 9 News

 #2 Celebrity Identity 

Fashion is a form of expression, so the red carpet look should embody the celebrity’s identity. For example, Harry Styles should wear nothing similar to Blake Shelton when walking the carpet! They are very different people with vastly different styles; their carpet looks should represent that. 

Source: LA Times

#3 Comfort and Confidence 

You can tell when a celebrity is feeling themselves on the red carpet. They have a better pose, a bigger smile, and more confidence, which make the outfit look even better. Fidgeting or adjusting an outfit can ruin the overall look, so comfort is key! 

Even with these pointers, fans always have something negative to say about red carpet looks. Fashion is subjective, so one fan could love an outfit while another is appalled by the choice. The red carpet holds multiple events per year, so if the celebrity misses their mark with an outfit, they can always try something new at the next award show!