Celebrating Halloween Safely

Image Source: KindPNG

With Halloween being one of my favorite holidays, I want to make the most of it, but I also still want to be safe. If you want to celebrate the 31st with friends, I hope this article can give you some ways to do that. 

It’s become popular to throw zoom parties. If you live far away from friends that can be the best way to share a toast, eat some candy, and catch up. Some fun activities you can do with your friends through the screen are baking together, watching the same movie, or playing computer mini games. 

If you want to get together in person, I would limit the number of people you invite; keeping the party to six is a good idea. If you have a backyard I’d also encourage you to stay outside, wear masks, and stay at a six feet distance from each other. A cute idea would be to rent or purchase a projector so that everyone can enjoy a movie outside. Covering the floor with blankets and pillows could also make a lovely seating area for everyone. If you’re going to provide food, I’d suggest all the food to come sealed and for nothing to be shareable. 

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during these difficult times and that you have a fun and safe halloween!