Review: Catfight

Killing Eve frontrunner Sandra Oh, and Another World alum Anne Heche, star in the action-comedy Catfight.

The film follows the reunion of college frenemies, Veronica (Oh) and Ashley (Heche). While the two lead polar opposite lives, their similar mindsets become the root of the film’s conflict.

Spoilers for the film below.

Throughout Catfight, the audience is presented with a series of parallels. Initially we see Veronica, who lives the life of trophy wife, and later we see Ashley, who’s working as a caterer to help support her struggling art career. The duo get into a fight after a bout of insults, leading to Veronica being in a coma for two years. During those years, the tables have turned for Ashley, as she is now a popular artist—until Veronica gets in contact with her, and the roles reverse, this time with Ashley being comatose.

The film concludes with the two meeting again, and the future looks bright until Ashley spills water on Veronica’s son’s camera. As expected, they battle it out.

The film is quite predictable and doesn’t evoke a lot emotion. The audience is faced with two characters who, despite what they may appear, remain stagnant throughout the movie. Towards the end we see hope for Veronica as she begins to live a peaceful life with her aunt, but as Veronica and Ashley’s final fight erupts, it’s apparent that nothing has or will be resolved.

Catfight’s ability to entertain lies in the film’s overdramatized fight scenes and its dry comedic tidbits. What the film does accomplish is giving a lesson on how arrogance is always unnecessary; the main characters experience life in two different manners, and yet they’re still unable to see matters selflessly.

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