Casual vs. Dressy: My Personal Style

Fashion has always been an ever-changing medium for me. Generally, I would describe my style as grungy with classic silhouettes. 

The lines between casual and dressy are often blurred depending on my mood. Whether it be a vintage graphic tee or a Paris-esque blouse, I’m always willing to mix and match unique pieces. 

Casual is a chance to mix things up and try out something I’ve never worn before, if only just to grab a coffee. Dressy for me means it’s still exciting to have that “special event” which I can put just a little extra effort into and feel even more confident.

Casual is comfort and the chance to showcase my unique style. Going through my day-to-day errands in something that makes me feel at ease is the best way to try out different trends and looks. 

Photo by Bria Holt

For this day, I wore a plain Pink Floyd t-shirt because rock tees are always the way to go. Since I’m a high-waisted stan, I paired the tee with my favorite Zara high-waisted denim shorts. To give it some edge, I threw on some black, wide-stitch fishnets. Fishnets are my favorite accessory to give any outfit a grungier dimension.

I nearly always pair a casual outfit with the jewelry that I wear every single day: my grandmother’s vintage ring and her pearl necklace she gifted me. Having certain staples in the accessory department gives me a sense of routine and familiarity.

Dressy is a mood that I am constantly experimenting with and like to go very bold or very understated. On this day, I chose the latter. 

Photo by Bria Holt

I’m a huge advocate of retro clothing, especially for special occasions, because classic and inspired pieces are always so thought-out and put together. Though I would often wear a dress for some kind of snazzy occasion, I love to play around with more masculine and tailored clothing choices. 

I wore my favorite tan and black houndstooth trousers, paired with a plain cream mock turtleneck. This look is an effortless 1940s aesthetic and easily something I can wear from night-to-day. 

I always love snug and well-fitting dress clothes because it not only compliments my figure well but gives me more confidence wearing something that feels made for me. 

In both outfits, I felt my best and ready to tackle the day!