Can’t Afford to Travel This Summer? Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Image Source: Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing quite like looking at plane ticket prices to make you feel like a broke college student. In an economy where a plane ticket from Seattle to San Francisco can cost you upwards of $200 (not counting, of course, the jaw-dropping prices of food, lodging, and travel in either city), it can feel impossible to have a vacation-filled summer. All hope, however, is not lost. This summer, you can take on the role of a tourist in your own hometown. 

The first step to success in being a tourist in your hometown is to find inspiration. If you live in a major city, chances are The New York Times has a “48-hours in” article about it. If not, you can likely still find articles and YouTube videos about tourism in your area online. Take note of what tourists before you have found enticing about your hometown and what you’d add or take away with your local knowledge. 

The second step is to craft an itinerary. Using the knowledge you have gained from your internet and travel magazine searches, take a minute to make a hometown tourism to-do list. Whether you have only a day to dedicate to your tourist adventures or a week, be sure to hit all of your town’s hottest spots and leave some time for wandering around looking lost with a map and oversized camera in your hand. 

The third (and most important) step? Look the part. Head to your closet (or your parents’ and siblings’ closets) and pull out the most touristy-looking clothes you can find. Extra points are given for those big floppy safari hats and every extra pocket on your cargo pants. Strap on a fanny pack, grab a water bottle, and hit the town for your hometown adventure! 

If you want an inexpensive, creative, and fun vacation, consider becoming a tourist in your hometown this summer!