Can Vegas Do the Improbable?

Image Source: MPR News

Advancing to the Stanley Cup Final, the Vegas Golden Knights have ousted the Winnipeg Jets. This was an outstanding feat for the Knights, who have only just been assembled in 2017; in fact, the team has received the name “band of misfits,” their team comprised of players and coaches that had been recently let go from other teams.

Facing all of this doubt, the Golden Knights have dominated their three series against the Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, and the Winnipeg Jets. They had swept the Kings, won in 6 against the Sharks, and defeated the Jets in 5 games. Some fans may be wondering why the “misfits” are having so much success, and it is mainly due to their goaltender.

Marc-Andre Fleury, the goaltender for the Golden Knights, has been phenomenal this season due to his staggering .938 save percentage during the playoffs; this means that every thousand shots, Fleury saves and blocks 938 of them.

Hopefully, the “misfits” can pull off this unlikely championship run and finally bring a title to the city of Vegas.