Calendars Save Lives

Image Source: Lydia Guertin

All you smartphone users out there: listen up. Regardless of if you have a calendar on your wall that you use every day or have never written in one in your life, the calendar app that comes installed on most smartphones is a true hero.

First off, most calendar apps have reminders for events you enter into them. For a forgetful person like myself, even writing an event into a wall calendar won’t make me remember it. These notifications can be set to remind you days or even hours before an event, so you can say goodbye to sudden jolts of realization that you planned two things for the same time accidentally.

Also, most if not all calendar apps have very in-depth descriptions that you can add to events. For example, the iPhone calendar app has options for descriptions, time frames, travel times, attendees, and more. I often find that this helps me keep track of important numbers, addresses, and other information that I might forget otherwise. Overall, I, for one, would be much worse of a person and friend without my calendar and I hope I have saved other forgetful lives.