Bye Bye Sand

The beach is a common summer destination for a full day, often ending in a bonfire, even for those of us who don’t really care for the beach (like me).  Problem is, even if you fully intend not to, at some point you’re probably going to go at least get your feet wet in the ocean, and after that, sand is going to stick to your feet and legs and keep coming back no matter how much you brush off.  Even if you don’t get wet at all that sand seems to stick to perfectly dry skin!

Solution?  Baby powder.

A nifty tip given to me by my mother, although I’m not sure where she got it from, it really works.

Last time I had a beach day with some friends, all of us got covered in sand, even those of us who stayed out of the water the entire time.  Thankfully my mom had stuck a small bottle of baby power in the bag I brought, and we all passed it around.  A couple of the people had toddlers with them who were absolutely caked in sand, and they were astonished how the sand just fell right off when they rubbed the baby power on their kids.

Keep a big bottle in your car and carry a small one in whatever bag you take to the beach (on a separate note, I recommend keeping a beach bag constantly stocked so you can just grab and go).

Tell your friends about it, or don’t and just pull out the powder out and offer it to them on a needed occasion and get a kick out of their surprise!