Buying Recycled Goods

Image Source: A Good Company – Twitter

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve been looking online trying to find brands that specialize in recycling. Over the years, I’ve become more conscious of how I can help the planet out. Today I wanted to share a store that sells amazing products that are made from grass and stone.

A Good Company has developed pens, notebooks, phone cases, water bottles, personal care (toothbrushes and hair ties), cutlery, and more. What truly amazes me are their notebooks; the entire thing is made out of stone, making the paper waterproof and a very satisfying writing surface. 

Their phone cases are also a very nice product. Not only do they have nice designs, but if you purchase a case, use it, and then want to get another one, you can send the used one back so they can recycle it again. 

Looking at their products is not only intriguing but it feels good to know that I can purchase stationary and other home goods that won’t affect the environment.