Brot Coffee: Welcome to the Hype of Toast

Image Source: Autumn Schorr

In an unsuspecting strip mall very close to the campus of Chapman University is a sleek and trendy coffee shop. Once inside, you get total hipster coffee shop vibes with the artisanal bread and wooden décor.

The staff is bubbly and the kitchen is open air so you can watch the employees prepare all the food and drinks. Brot’s distinguishing factor is the iconic customizable toast. Customers first choose their bread from a lengthy list including squaw, olive & thyme, pumpernickel, brioche, and more. After jumping that hurtle comes the toppings. Plum Butter? Peanut butter? Mozzarella? The options of sweet and or savory options are limitless and you can add as many an you wish for a small additional fee.

If extensive choices give you anxiety, there are pre-set toast combinations to order from.

Whatever you get at Brot is bound to be amazing as the ingredients are fresh, local, and environmentally friendly.