Breaking the Stigma of Addiction in Beautiful Boy

Beautiful Boy shares a heartbreaking story of drug abuse that breaks the stigma surrounding those struggling with addiction.

The true story, adapted from a memoir of the same name by David Sheff, follows a father’s faltering relationship with his son, Nick, as he battles a methamphetamine addiction. David goes to extremes in order to understand his son’s illness, and rescue him from its consequences.

Addiction is attached to a stigma of discrimination—drug abuse is assumed to root from marginalized groups, including those struggling with mental illness, or those with criminal records. Not only is 18-year-old Nick a white male with an education, but he was also raised in a wealthy household, with a supportive family life.

As Nick continues to relapse, despite his family’s strenuous efforts to help him, the story provides an uncommon and informative view on drug addiction as an illness that can exist in anyone, despite race, ethnicity, background, or economic status.

Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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