Boy Meets World Gives Much Needed Nostalgia to Viewers

Image Source: Hulu

1990’s sitcom Boy Meets World is the perfect choice for a Monday evening wind-down, a Friday night watch party with friends, or anything in between. Centering around mischievous Corey Matthews, the show takes viewers along for the ride on all of his shenanigans.

The show’s humor is very refreshing; many television shows repeat the same jokes, but Boy Meets World’s humor stands out. The audience is guaranteed to chuckle out loud numerous times.

The most prominent aspect of the show is Corey’s relationship with his love interest, Topanga. Their love story is one that is unforgettable, and will have viewers clutching their heart at how adorable the two are together.

The show can be a little cheesy from time to time, but all in all, Boy Meets World is a must watch!