Boston’s Underground Artists

I’ve interviewed a few of Boston’s newest underground artists who either attend or have graduated from Berklee College of Music. All three are quite different, yet endlessly talented. I found myself drawn to their stories through their music. I hope to hear more and more about these up-and-coming artists, and I think you will too.

Image Source: Addie Dunsworth

Addie Dunworth

Handles: @addiedunworth

Originally from California, her songs include “Let Go”, “Green to Grey”, and “Before noon” which are all a part of her EP. You can find her songs on all platforms.

As a New Englander, Addie’s songs immediately drew me in, especially “Green to Grey”. Seasonal depression is all too real here, but I think everyone, no matter where they live, can connect to missing what once was. Beyond its relatability, the harmonious rhythm, especially the drums in her songs, is so captivating. Her voice is so ethereal as well, with incredible passion and control. One thing that stood out to me in our interview was when she mentioned to me how “I tend to make sure my music would sound good while driving with the windows down…” and I can’t imagine listening to her songs in any other way.

Addie’s Full interview is linked here, where the artist talks more about this song and her experience with music. 

Image Source: Maddie Alberts

Maddie Alberts




This contemporary pop singer/songwriter has her first single, “September” out,  streaming on all platforms. 

Maddie’s song, with its beautiful guitar sounds, is something a lot of people can relate to and just need to hear on those kinds of days. It reminisces in such a gentle and genuine way that captivates me more and more every time I listen to it. “September” really pulls on the heartstrings with its tone and lyrics and captures the essence of long-distance relationships. It is evident in her voice that she feels each word she sings. I think this song would help so many people that also are missing and longing for their past days of September.

Maddie’s Full interview is linked here, where the artist talks more about this song and her experience with music.

Image Source: Mackenzie Day

Mackenzie Day

Handles: @mackenziedayy 

Originally from California, this artist falls into the genres of rock, pop, alternative, indie, and r&b. Her most recent album is called “Girl with No Curtains” which is out now on all platforms.

I must say, this is going to be an album I’ll be listening to for a very long time. Mackenzie Day has such an authentic style. I thoroughly admire how involved she’s made the audience in her music, connecting us through a window that we can see through due to her lyrical transparency. The piano along with her voice is so harmonious and there’s an enriching universality that makes her songs become, in a way, the listeners’ too.

Mackenzie’s Full interview is linked here, where the artist talks more about this album and her experience with music.