Bold Brings Confidence

As someone with a dark-colored wardrobe, mixing bold and bright colors is something that I have always struggled with. I recently found a technique that has allowed me to expand my wardrobe and gain confidence in my style! 

Photo from @slipintostyle

Wearing colors outside of grayscale is outside of my comfort zone, so I began by pairing printed clothing with colors I am comfortable in. For example, I love wearing a colorful, long skirt paired with solid colors, or a red jumpsuit with black accessories. I thought that wearing bright outfits would draw negative attention to myself, but having the confidence to wear extravagant outfits makes me feel powerful as a woman. 

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I understand that many people feel as I did and don’t feel comfortable enough to showcase themselves, but I think that adding simple, colored pieces to your wardrobe forces you to step outside of your constraints. Not only will you feel more confident, but this opens you up to taking more beneficial risks!