BLK MKT Vintage

Image Source: BLK MKT Vintage Instagram

As most of us know by now, it is super important to support small businesses, especially Black-owned ones. One of my favorites I came across as I was researching online was BLK MKT Vintage in Brooklyn, New York. This store describes themselves as “a collection comprised of black collectibles, cast-off’s and curiosities, representing the richness of black history and lived experience.” The found items include anything from vintage magazines to paintings to clothing and much more.

The store is currently only open online where you can check out all their items for sale. My personal favorite was the Vintage Egyptian Hieroglyphics Catch-All Trays. They have some very unique and amazing collections of vintage items associated with Black culture or history, all which are personally curated by the founders Jannah Handy and Kiyanna Stewart. Their about page mentions:

“By centering black cultural artifacts via thoughtful curation and varying modes of accessibility, we’re communicating very explicitly to black folks that ‘not only do we see you, but we love you as well. You’re worthy. What you’ve created is worthy. You are important here.’

I think this business and its message is wonderful, and it not only offers super cool vintage products, but also a learning experience and a chance to delve into Black history from very unique perspectives.