Black History Month: Recognizing Black Creators

Image via WCTI

February 1st is the start of Black History Month and in honor of it, I’d thought I’d share a few of my favorite Black creators. 

Photo via Creative Artists Agency
  1. Demetrius Harmon

Demetrius has been a popular Youtube and clothing line creator for a few years now and is best known for his ‘you matter’ hoodies. He uses his platform to voice his support for mental illness and the destigmatizing of it and I think it’s amazing that he openly helps to normalize something that is so misunderstood and vilified. 

Photo via Pinterest

2. Quen Blackwell 

I think Quen is genuinely one of the funniest people on the internet. She started out from Vine, progressed to Youtube, and is now on Tiktok. Her authenticity to herself and the fact that she is never afraid to speak on what she thinks matters is incredibly admirable. 

Photo via JaGurl TV

3. Megan Thee Stallion

Currently my favorite rapper, Megan does not only produce the best hype anthems for women, but is helping the music industry normalize women being open about sexual representation. She is also going to college while pursuing her dreams, which shows how determined she is to accomplish what she sets her heart on.

Black creators should not only be recognized on Black History Month, but should be recognized and supported every day. Black people have done so much good for the world, and their efforts should never go unnoticed. Movements such as Black Lives Matter are helping people recognize that they deserve to be treated with respect just like everyone else.