Black Artists in Each Genre That Are a Must Listen

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Khalid rose to fame in 2017 with his debut album American Teen. His lyrics are catchy and will be stuck in your head for days. He released his sophomore album “ Free Spirit” in 2019, but while he kept the same vibe of his first album, it wasn’t as popular as “ American Teen.” Since his 2019 album, he has been releasing singles and has been featured in different artists’ songs. 

If you’re interested, check out: “8teen”, “Eleven” (ft. Summer Walker), and “Self”


Kid Cudi:

Kid Cudi is one of the first artists that I remember listening to the radio. Since his first “Man on the Moon” album, he has been experimenting with different sounds and genres, leaving fans on their toes for what is to come next. His most successful albums are his “Man on the Moon” trilogy albums. However, the last song, “Lord I Know,” on Man on The Moon III: The Chosen, ends with the words “to be continued.”  This has left fans speculating what that phrase could mean. 

If you’re interested, check out: “Rose Golden”, “The Void”, “Mr. Rager”


Flo Milli

Flo Milli became popular after her song “In the party” went viral on Tik Tok. Her flows are catchy and whenever you listen you will turn into a bad b****. Flo Milli released her debut album only a few months ago, but she is an artist that I see reaching the same popularity as Cardi B. I’m hoping for a collaboration between her and Megan thee Stallion for a new hot girl anthem. 

If you’re interested, check out: “Beef Flo Mix”, “Pockets Bigger”, “Mean” by $not (ft. Flo Milli)


Alabama Shakes

Alabama Shakes is a country-rock band with Brittany Howard as their lead singer. They haven’t released a new album since 2015, but they are still a go-to band whenever I want to listen to her hauntingly perfect voice. Her voice and the mix of the instruments are a perfect combination. Brittany Howard put a hold on the band that will probably never come back together again but that doesn’t change the fact that what they did release was great

If you’re interested, check out: “Sound & Color”, “Be Mine”, “Heartbreaker”


Charley Pride

Charley Pride pioneered and paved the way for black country musicians as the first black country superstar. He recently passed away in December after contracting COVID-19. As someone who does not listen to country music, I can still respect how smooth, yet sharp, his voice is when he sings. 

If you’re interested, check out: “Natural Feeling For You”, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’”, “Just Between Me And You”