Whether I am about to go out, singing alone in my car, or need a song to help me during a good cry, my go-to artist is Beyoncé. Now I know that might seem a bit cliché, given that she has been crowned a queen in countless ways, but she has been my go-to since day one. In fact, the first song I downloaded onto my iPod Nano at just seven years old was her infamous ballad ‘Irreplaceable’. What makes her such a prominent artist in my music library is the range of emotions that her songs align with. Not only that, but because she has produced such a large discography, I can play the fan favorites when I’m around all of my friends, while enjoying the less popular but just as incredible songs to myself. Whether it be an iconic collab where her voice pairs to the other’s so perfectly, or an old Destiny’s Child classic championing girl power, I genuinely never get tired of Beyoncé’s stunning voice and am consistently finding myself turning to her time and time again.