Better Writing with Grammarly

Image via XDA

As a writer, good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are essential to my work. While years of schooling and attention to detail have enforced most of the rules in my mind, I’m not perfect. My favorite tool to turn to for proofreading is Grammarly.

If you haven’t heard of Grammarly, you should definitely look into it. It works with most websites, email, and even Google Docs. Grammarly checks for spelling, punctuation, and conjugation errors. The premium version can even analyze sentences and suggest ways to rewrite them to make them more clear or concise. Additionally, Grammarly has synonyms for nearly every word and can see if a word has been used too often in a sentence or paragraph.

Whether you write for everyday reasons or your job, Grammarly can help you sound more polished and professional. If grammar isn’t your strong suit or if you just want a helping hand, check out Grammarly.