Best Way to Prep for the Spooky Season

Image via Vox Media

October is the beginning of the best time of year! The fall aesthetic followed by that crisp weather is the best feeling as you start preparing for the holidays. These are the things I like to do to celebrate this awesome time.

  1. Decorate: decorating your space is a must. From having fall-scented candles to implementing those classic fall colors into your home or room, it transforms everything, making you feel cozy and warm.
  2. Watch the classics: rewatching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, and some other more spooky movies like The Shining, is the best way to get yourself in the Halloween mood! Don’t forget to pop the popcorn and pick out your favorite candy.
  3. Choose your Halloween costume: I always love coming up with the best costume ideas. I usually will think of three ideas and pick from there. If you and your friends or significant other want to have some fun, this is the best time to think of some group costumes.
  4. Throw a party: turn on your hosting skills and have some fun! Due to Covid, we’ve been deprived of getting together with lots of friends. While we should still remain careful and respectful of each other, I’ve loved throwing Halloween parties before the pandemic, and I’m looking forward to hosting a small get-together again. It’s fun to decorate and get together to eat candy and watch scary movies!

Halloween is a great time of year, and I, for one, can’t wait to celebrate it once again! I hope this list makes you as excited as I am.