Best Rides at Disneyland

Image via Belana Beeck

The happiest place on earth is known for its immersive environment and rides that make you forget all your worries. Yes, crowds and the price of your trip can be a downer, but it’s safe to say that this magical amusement park brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Here are some of my favorite rides I always try to go on when I’m there:

  1. Indiana Jones Adventure – this classic ride is so well done. From the line’s decorations to the ride itself, it truly makes you feel like you’re on a wild adventure. 
  2. Splash Mountain – this ride never gets old. The music and overall aesthetic take me back to my childhood, and the drop is my favorite part. If you’re not a fan of drops, then beware, but the ride might surprise you, and you could end up loving it.
  3. Peter Pan’s Flight – as one of Disney’s original rides, this one is special. It holds many childhood memories for me, and I appreciate the fact that it has never been changed or updated. 
  4. Gadget’s Go Coaster – this is a cute rollercoaster in Mickey’s Toontown that is perfect when you’re looking for a quick and fun ride to visit at night when it’s not too busy. 
  5. Autopia – this ride is another classic that is fun to do with friends and family. Driving your little car around the track is so nostalgic and brings back happy memories every time. 

Disneyland will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope this short list gets you excited to go experience the magic.