Best Nail Polish Colors for Spring

It’s almost springtime! To welcome the new season, we are always looking to change up our wardrobe, but an important aspect that is often overlooked is our nails! With the start of a warmer season, I usually turn to a lighter nail color palette. Read on to see some of my favorite picks for spring! 


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Blush is definitely one of my favorite colors for the spring. The light pink shade is just so pretty, and it looks good on every skin tone. If the color is a little too plain for your taste, you can always try adding little stickers or designs to accent the nail! 

Baby Blue 

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Another one of my favorite nail colors to wear in the spring is baby blue. There’s just something about this soft shade that makes it perfect for long days and brighter sunshine! I really love this marble effect, and I think it’s a good way to incorporate the baby blue color without it seeming too childish. 


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No matter the season, the color nude never goes out of style! I love how it adds an instant level of sophistication to any look, and it’s a color that I love wearing in the spring, summer, fall, and winter! To make this more fun for the warmer weather, trying using a toothpick to draw little hearts on the nail! 


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If you really can’t pick a specific color, opt for a color palette instead! My favorite colors for the spring are pastels! To really make your nails pop, try a different color on each nail. It keeps things fun and interesting; plus, you’ll be able to match your nails with whatever you wear! 

What are some of your favorite nail colors for the spring?