Bella Hadid’s Best Streetwear Looks

Bella Hadid is currently one of the biggest supermodels in the modeling industry, and she has also become a fashion icon for many people, including myself. Her streetwear style is unique, trendy, and she doesn’t stick to one style when she steps out. Right now, she’s the biggest inspiration for the clothes in my closet, so I am going to share some of my favorite looks that she has worn!

Photo from Seventeen

1. Denim on Denim

This look is not only relatively simple to recreate, but Bella took the current corset trend to the next level by wearing a denim one and pairing it with an all-denim outfit. Her choice of shoes and a purse pull the look together as they bring attention to the entire outfit, but still match what she is wearing.

Photo from Pinterest

2. Classy and Chic 

Bella’s jacket and pants allow her to look professional, but her top keeps the outfit casual and cute. This is the perfect look if you’re planning a night out and still want to dress comfortably and fashionably.

Photo from Teen Vogue

3. Rebellious

One of my favorite characteristics about Bella is that she is able to pull off any look by making them sophisticated, like this one. Even though the sheer bodysuit is out there, her choice of trousers completes the look and makes the entire outfit elegant and stylish.

Photo from Metro

4. Risque 

This is the type of outfit that is unforgettable. Although the bodysuit is one color, the hint of silver accessories distinguishes the look. 

Photo from Harper’s Bazaar

5. Night Out Classic

This dress, high boots, and fur jacket are the hallmark of a night out that you probably won’t remember the next day. 

Photo from Vogue

6. Simple with a Flair

Lastly, Bella rocks a simple outfit here but adds a mesmerizing and eye-catching jacket that adds a dash of poise to the attire and makes it a distinguishable look.

Bella’s streetwear style is arguably the best celebrity style that I have come across. No matter how striking her looks are, she is able to pull off every single outfit she wears with her confidence and by perfectly pairing the clothing and accessories. She is a fashion icon of this decade and I’m sure I’ll be using her looks as inspiration for a while.