Being the Comforting Friend We All Need 

We all have different ways of experiencing comfort. Some of us might cook a delicious dish, others might watch a heartfelt movie, and some might rely on spiritual movement or meditation. Nevertheless, we all need comfort through life’s challenges and struggles. Here are some tips for being that comfort to someone in need.  

One of the first things we can do when figuring out how to approach a comfort-needed situation is by embracing the discomfort. Acknowledging that the situation is difficult can be more impactful than sweeping it under the rug. Even if the situation is currently unchangeable, being present with them can make them feel less alone and also be able to feel your empathy on a deeper level.   

Another thing we can do is try to find common ground. Not every tragedy is identical. Even if you aren’t able to relate exactly to their situation, offering some understanding or learned experiences from tragedies you’ve endured can help them see that they can get through this too, as well as not feel like they’re burdening someone who “wouldn’t understand.”   

This one goes without saying, but offering physical affection can sometimes be more powerful than words. If they’re someone you’re close to, a simple long hug, holding their hand, or letting them cry on your part of comfort requisites the physical act of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and cared for by someone else who wants the best for us.   

Afterward, once we’ve let the tears shed and the dust settles a bit, the next thing we can do is offer concrete action steps towards recovery and prosperity. When we’re in discomfort, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Actively sharing wise words of realistic, manageable, and clear action steps, can help the individual not feel so overwhelmed, and instead take the process day by day. They can see this time as an opportunity for growth and positive changes.   

Lastly, to tie everything together, we can simply state our commitment and endless support. As I’ve mentioned, sometimes people in times of trouble can feel like a bother to others, and feel like they need to keep everything bottled up to themselves. Just saying “I’m here for you if you need anything” can mean a lot to someone in distress, and can allow them to be at peace knowing they have someone on their side when needed.   

There are so many ways to comfort someone in need, even if it can be difficult or awkward at first. Comforting someone is one of the best ways to show our love and care for someone. It brings us closer together in our relationships, strengthens resilience, and ensures peace, rest, and connection are given whenever needed.