Be Your Own Dream Catcher

Image source: Intimate Excellent

As weird as it might sound, being comfortable is scary. After coming to college and going on a journey of trying to figure myself out academically and individually, I realized that more often than not, I prefer to be comfortable rather than uncomfortable. I’d rather be safe than to try something I’ve never done before, which ends up meaning that I often wish I could already have my dreams instead of actually going out to pursue them. The purpose of this article isn’t to say that you shouldn’t ever be comfortable, but to say that growth and making your goals a reality don’t come from a routinethey come from being proactive and taking a shot at things you’ve never exposed yourself to.

For example, if you’re in school and you want to be involved in a major that might be extremely hard to apply for, you really have nothing to lose by just going for it. If you don’t get what you wanted, at least you put in the effort. Nothing sucks more than being stuck in the past and later regretting not doing anything to pursue what you wanted to pursue. Challenges are when you grow and discover new things about yourself. Challenge isn’t routine.

If you are trying to achieve a personal goal but don’t know how to start, asking for help is never a bad idea. Sometimes, we think that asking others for advice makes us seem less confident or competent, but that’s not true. We all want to learn more to improve, so learning is only ever beneficial to you. Psychologically, we crave connection with others and we have a higher tendency to develop hobbies or interests through association with people. This means that we don’t always derive happiness from an activity itself, but from doing it with the people around us. Fighting for your dreams and goals might seem like a hassle or even impossible sometimes, but if you have someone that’s got your back, it’ll make the journey a lot easier. 

With that being said, you don’t need to wait for some special event or person to start changing your life and achieving your dreamsyou have all the power to do that yourself.