Batala’s ASMR

Image Source: Batala’s ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Usually this is characterized by the sensation of tingles, making it a form of paresthesia, which is an abnormal sensation on the skin for no apparent reason. Triggers of this response include things like whispering, tapping on objects, water sounds, and more, as they can get even more specific and odd. 

I really enjoy listening to ASMR every now and then. I don’t get the tingles many people do, but I do usually get very relaxed. Even when I don’t experience the relaxation, I enjoy just listening to someone talking in a whispered voice or the sounds of the objects the ASMRist (as they’re called) is using. For some people, including myself, a break is needed between viewings (a few days to a week) to keep experiencing the effects, as overexposure causes a resistance to it.

One of my favorite ASMRists is Batala’s ASMR on YouTube. I listed some of the triggers above, and she does them all, and more. Her style is more on the aggressive side, meaning her triggers come faster and harder, so she taps harder and somewhat louder when using objects.

Aside from lovely sounds, Batala’s ASMR uses really great visuals to enhance the effect. She uses calming backgrounds like lakes, beaches, or a warmly lit room, often wears colorful makeup and nail polish, and sometimes wears rhinestones on her face, which makes her videos even more elegant and visually pleasing.

For a calming experience and even just a short distraction and moment of calm, I recommend checking out Batala’s ASMR. You can visit her channel by clicking here.