Barz on Wheels Chauffeurs in a New Platform for Artists

With the goal to make the most exciting show possible, Manny Flores decided all that was needed was a camera, microphone, and minivan.

Barz on Wheels is a freestyle rap show on Youtube where artists are given prompts and challenges that push their lyrical abilities as they ride in the backseat of a minivan or golf cart (depending on which season you watch). The show is hosted by its creator Manny Flores, who rides in the front passenger seat and interviews the artists in between challenges, alongside his co-host Joseph, who also commentates and has been the driver of the vehicle for the entire run of the show.

Based out of Bakersfield, California, Barz on Wheels hosts artists from all across the country and gives rappers and music producers a platform in a unique way to help them stand out. The focus of the show is put on showcasing new artists to let them reach a new and wider audience. 

The current season of the show features rappers such as Soli, Garrett Zoukis, and Amon The MC putting their freestyle skills on display. Show creator Manny makes it clear in the description of the videos that the show does not charge artists to perform on Barz on Wheels, which shows how dedicated the show is to promote up and coming talent that they feel deserves the spotlight, rather than limiting the show to artists who can simply afford to pay for an appearance.

With the recent success of the show’s Youtube channel, Barz on Wheels has added pop-up events in the Los Angeles area. These pop-up events hold freestyle rap competitions as well as live music performances and give the hip-hop community a place to gather and share their love of music.

Barz on Wheels is a completely independently owned and funded show that allows fans to donate via Venmo or Cash App to show support. All proceeds donated go towards the production of the show, and prizes and support for the artists who perform on the show.

You can watch all episodes of Barz on Wheels on Youtube, and stay up to date for their next pop-up event at @barzonwheels on Instagram.