Barbie. Is. Everything.

Image Source: Variety

Hello fellow readers. I have returned once more to talk about my rising excitement for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. With the new teaser trailer dropping recently, we, as the audience, have been given an even greater glimpse into the world of Gerwig’s Barbie. Almost every woman in the movie is another Barbie, and all except one male cast member is a Ken– those excluded being Allan and Midge. What brings me the most excitement from this trailer is that Gerwig is giving us a glimpse into what a real-life Barbie extended universe would look like. A spectacularly star-studded cast brings this plethora of personalities to life, and as an individual who was a proud worshiper of all things Barbie as a child, my excitement to see all the iterations of Barbie portrayed on the silver screen is overwhelming.

Furthermore, the functionality of the world operates on the same level as it would if a child were the one controlling the settings. A little kid playing with Barbie and Ken dolls may want them to sleep over because, as Ken puts it, they are “girlfriend and boyfriend,” but they do not know what would happen beyond that point, therefore leaving a hilariously awkward lull in conversation between the two. Or, when getting spooked while driving, Barbie may flip through the air and land without a hair out of place, maneuvering as if the child were using both hands to flip the vehicle through the air in their bedroom. The wonderful innocence of the Barbie movie is refreshing, though I suspect that there will be a twist that Gerwig has not yet alluded to.

Additionally, beyond the glimpses of character interactions we have seen, the trailer also informs us that Barbie will be making an exit from her dream life paradise into the world of reality. Who knows what awaits her in the realm of our own? We will have to go to the theaters ourselves to find out.